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  • Crappie hunting just got more exciting True crappie anglers want specific gear that will fit their needs. Those same anglers are also looking for something that can withstand a wide array of conditions and abuse. Shakespeare has created the new Crappie Hunter™ series of rods and combos specifically designed for the avid crappie angler. Read More
  • New Spin on Popular Agility Series Anglers tend to look for great looking gear these days as they seek out the best fishing waters. The latest offering from Shakespeare® rings loud and true to today’s angler. The Shakespeare Agility™ series has an aggressive look and possesses many features that even the most seasoned anglers will appreciate. Read More
  • Shakespeare Announces Support to Fishing's Future Shakespeare® and Fishing’s Future share the same goal; to help families connect through fishing. This is precisely why Shakespeare announced today its support of the organization with a $5000 cash donation plus $5000 in fishing gear. Read More